Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Announcements & Events Posting Policy

TTUHSC Announce is an official email announcement/communication method for the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) community. Congruent with University Acceptable Use Guidelines, the purpose of TTUHSC Announce is to facilitate the communication of university business and events.

  • The use of this list may not violate TTUHSC Operating Policies or state/federal laws.
  • All messages must be posted at https://announcements.ttuhsc.edu (eRaider authentication required). Any event or announcement related to TTUHSC can be submitted for approval, with exception to announcements conflicting with the policies listed below.
  • The TTUHSC Announcements and Events system is for TTUHSC use only. All announcements must be submitted by a TTUHSC employee or current student representing a formal university organization, such as a division, department, school or registered student organization, which must be identified in the announcement.
  • Acceptable TTUHSC Announcement and Event postings must comply with all TTUHSC Operating Policies and Procedures. Event announcements should describe factual information such as a brief description of the event, location, date, time and sponsor. Subject lines must include only factual and descriptive information about the event.
  • The use of any TTUHSC resources, including TTUHSC Announce, to engage in political activities is a violation of both the University Ethics Policy and state law. TTUHSC, as a university resource, may not be used for political announcements or fundraising.
  • Announcements that promote joint fund-raisers with private entities or businesses and TTUHSC entities are not permitted unless the fund-raiser contributes directly to TTUHSC or has been approved by the president’s office.
  • Sale or transfer of university property is not permitted.
  • Lost-and-found announcements are not permitted and should be pursued with the Texas Tech University Police Department.
  • Job openings for TTUHSC or Texas Tech Physicians are not permitted
  • Prior to submitting an announcement seeking participants for experiments, the submitting department must obtain approval from the Protection of Human Subjects Committee, as part of the Institutional Review Board.
  • Announcements on the same topic may only be distributed once per week per list unless an update is necessary.
  • Requests for exception may be considered by emailing the TTUHSC Office of Communications and Marketing at announce@ttuhsc.edu.
  • The administrators of TTUHSC Announcement and Events may make adjustments to audience type, tags and content before approving a post.