Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


What is TTUHSC | Announce?

TTUHSC | Announce is a daily email distributed to all TTUHSC employees that summarizes the recent announcements and events submitted through the events and announcements systems.

TTUHSC | Announce is the official email announcement method for TTUHSC.

  • The email will be distributed at least once per business day.
  • Each unique announcement is included once every five days in the automatically distributed email.
  • All students, faculty and staff are auto enrolled to receive it to their official TTUHSC designated email address.

What type of announcements can be posted on the Announcements and Events system?

Events/Announcements related to TTUHSC

  • Submitted by a TTUHSC employee or current student representing a department, school or organization
  • All events must be sponsored or hosted by a TTUHSC department, school or organization

How do I get on the list to receive TTUHSC | Announce e-mails?

All faculty, staff and students are automatically enrolled with a valid TTUHSC email address.

Can a prior Announcement or Event be edited for future posting?

Limited editing is available, and the request will be resubmitted for approval after any changes are made. Contact announce@ttuhsc.edu for assistance.

What is the submission deadline for TTUHSC | Announce?

Announcements must be submitted by 3 p.m. for next-day delivery at 8 a.m.

Why isn’t my post at the top every day?

In order to provide fair representation to all submitted posts, announcements are sorted and cycled based on the active date range and where they ranked on the daily announcement email of the previous day. If a post is featured first on Monday, it will drop to the bottom of the announcement list Tuesday, etc.

When to Use an Announcement or Event

If a post references a specific date and time, it is most likely an event and should be entered at events.ttuhsc.edu.

Using an Announcement and Event to promote the same item is restricted to presidential and high-priority communications.

Why can’t I see my post?

Ensure you selected the correct audience and that you are a member of that audience.

Who can I contact with questions about TTUHSC | Announce?

Email announce@ttuhsc.edu.